Donating to LiveCoMS

Donations to LiveCoMS

We very much appreciate financial donations to LiveCoMS! Donations are made to the CU Foundation of University of Colorado Boulder, the official publisher of the journal, to a fund exclusively for use of LiveCoMS and controlled by the managing editors. The CU Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and donations are thus generally tax-deductible for the purposes of U.S. taxes.

Follow the link felow to donate:

Donate Now to LiveCoMS!

You can also support LiveCoMS by:

  • Contributing to LiveCoMS articles.
  • Expressing your interest in becoming a reviewer (early career or otherwise).
  • Providing feedback on GitHub repositories for published articles to improve later versions of LiveCoMS articles.
  • Citing LiveCoMS articles that you use in your research.
  • Spreading the word about LiveCoMS to your colleagues, mentors, and students.

Financial costs for LiveCoMS

LiveCoMS runs a very lean budget in order to keep costs for contributors low. Managing editors and editorial board members receive no money or reimbursement from LiveCoMS. Our current costs are:

  • $1500/year for journal hosting via the Public Knowledge Project using Open Journal Systems (in 2021, this was paid by CU Boulder)
  • $504/year for Google Suites hosting of email and collaborative office software

The main sources of income for LiveCoMS are donations since there are no article charges. We in particular appreciate seed funding provided by CU Boulder Libraries, as well as continuing support with management of DOIs and journal metadata.

If we raise more money through donations than cover our costs, we will work to:

  • Hire web developers and designers to support better .tex templates and improvements to the website.
  • Advertising options to better raise awareness of the journal and its purposes.
  • Hire copy editors to assist in final journal submissions.
  • Create a buffer against future financial issues.